Props Points


  • After the release of Props Points when a user takes an action that previously earned them Props Tokens, they will now earn both Props Points and Props Tokens 
  • The Props Points determine the levels, and are stable, so the same action will always earn the same amount of Points
  • The Props Tokens rewards may vary depending on external factors on the Props Network.


What are Props Points?

Props Points determine your YouNow Level. As your Level increases, you’ll gain access to exclusive perks like free bar packages and more. Community members earn Props Points by engaging with broadcasts by receiving gifts, sending gifts, participating in the Props Points Chest, and more!  


Do I still earn Props?

Yes, every time you earn Props Points by engaging the YouNow community, you’ll also earn Props Tokens. Your Props can be claimed via the Props Wallet Dashboard.


How many Props do I earn for each Prop Point?

The Props Points to Props Token ratio is dynamic and depends on the amount of Props distributed to YouNow via the Props Network Rewards Engine, which decreases by design over time.


How can I check my Props balance?

You can check your exact Props balance and earning history via the Props Wallet Dashboard.


If I transfer my Props, what happens to my Props Points and level?

If you transfer your Props Tokens to another wallet not connected to YouNow, it will have no impact on your Levels.