Partner Payments


Payment Schedule

  • Partners who have earned at least $75 within a calendar month are paid at the beginning of every month You’ll receive an email with your earnings listed from the previous month. For example: At the beginning of February, you’ll receive your earning summary for January.
  • Partners who earn less than $75 within a calendar month will receive payment after they have accrued at least $75. For example, if you earn $20 in January, $50 in February, and $5 in March, you will receive your payment in April.
  • Payment is sent during the first 5 to 10 business days of the month. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding any US holidays. You can expect to receive your payment no later than the 11th business day.
  • To add your payment details, click on “Payment Settings” and input your payment details directly on the YouNow Website. This page can be found above “Profile.”
  • If you do not correctly add your payment details, you will not receive your earnings. Please note, payment settings can only be updated via the web. You cannot update via mobile at this time.


Earnings Summary and Amount

  • At the end of each broadcast, you’ll see an estimated summary of how much you’ve earned during your stream. 
  • At the beginning of every month, you’ll receive an email summary of your earnings from the previous month. The total amount listed on your earnings page is estimated
  • The earnings shown on your YouNow page are only an estimate. Your final earnings amount is determined at the end of each calendar month. There are a few different factors that impact your final earnings, including fees charged by Apple and Google. All Bars purchases are subject to a 30% fee charged by Google or Apple, depending on the platform. After the platforms take their fees, Partners earn 60% of the remaining revenue, and YouNow keeps the other 40%. 


Gifts and Earnings

  • Partner earnings are based on the Bars value of the gift given by an audience member. Earnings are not directly proportional to the amount of likes that gift gives. Likes vary depending on the gift, and the more likes a broadcaster receives, the more they can trend, gain levels, and earn Props.
  • If you have additional questions regarding Partner Payments, please email 


Earnings and Taxes 

  • Taxes are not withheld from your YouNow earnings. Depending on your country’s tax laws, you may need to pay taxes on your annual earnings. We recommend speaking with a tax professional to determine your status.
  • If you receive payments via PayPal, you can access information about 1099s tax forms here.
  • If you receive payment via wire transfer or ACH, YouNow will send you 1099 at the beginning of the year if your earnings are greater than are equal to $600 from the previous year. 


Outstanding Balance

  • If you’ve been paid for your previous month’s earnings, the money displayed on your “earnings” page is  your estimated earnings from the current month.
  • If you were not paid for your previous month’s earnings, you did not meet our minimum threshold for payment which is usually $75. Your earnings will be added to all future earnings and you will receive payment after you reach the threshold.


If you are a partner and your payments settings are edited, you will receive an email regarding the changes that are implemented. If you receive an email regarding changes to your account and have not made these changes, change all of your passwords immediately and edit your payment settings.