Props FAQs

Earning Props

You can earn Props by engaging with the community in a number of ways.

  • Broadcasting to the community and receiving likes
  • Guest broadcasting and receiving likes
  • Supporting broadcasters or guests with gifts & stickers that give 10 likes or more 
  • Unlocking and securing red crown status
  • Unlocking lifetime spender trophies

Note: Currently Free Spins do not reward senders with Props.

These actions represent the fuel that makes YouNow go, and contributing community members can earn Props by taking such actions.


If I’m a broadcaster, do I still get paid?

Yes, absolutely. Nothing’s changed. You have the ability to earn money through YouNow by promoting your channel, growing your audience, and creating great content, just as you always have. Now, you may get rewarded with Props in addition to your earnings.


Props Dashboard

For those community members that hold Props, you can see your Props balance in the Props Dashboard in the YouNow mobile app or website when you tap the Props icon next to your profile. You can find your Props balance when you view your dashboard.  The Props Dashboard allows users to see how many Props they currently hold, and it provides a real-time snapshot of how many additional Props a user needs to achieve his or her next status level, and the additional perks that may compliment that jump.


When do I get a bar bonus for hitting new levels?

Bar bonuses are rewarded to users who achieve new levels from by earning Props Points on the YouNow platform.


Can I buy some props?

Props are not available for purchasing through our service. We allocateProps to YouNow users based on their activity on the platform..

Props may be available to purchase on international, non-US cryptocurrency exchanges. More information here.

You can earn Props by engaging with the community in a number of ways, including: earn gifts or stickers (as a broadcaster or as a guest), support your favorite broadcasters by giving likes, and actively engage with content on the platform. These actions represent the fuel that makes YouNow go, and contributing community members can earn Props—and the benefits that come with them—by taking such actions.


How can I give someone props?

The more likes or virtual gifts you send to your friends, the more Props they may receive. You cannot give your Props to someone else at this time.


How can I combine my props from different accounts?

No, we are not able to move or merge different Props accounts.


Can I exchange my bars for props?

No, bars can't be exchanged for Props.


Can I exchange my props for bars?

No, Props can't be exchanged for bars.



The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has qualified the offering statement that we have filed with the SEC. The information in that offering statement is more complete than the information we are providing now, and could differ in important ways. You must read the documents filed with the SEC before investing. The offering is being made only by means of its offering statement. This document shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.


An indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. Any person interested in investing in any offering of Props Tokens should review our disclosures and the publicly filed offering statement and the final offering circular that is part of that offering statement at YouNow is not registered, licensed or supervised as a broker dealer or investment adviser by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) or any other financial regulatory authority or licensed to provide any financial advice or services.


Forward-looking statements

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