What do I get for unlocking an Achievement Badge?

Each achievement badge offers a bar and/or Props reward for unlocking it. 

See more details below:




Super Fan

Become a fan of 5 people

15 Bars


Chat in 5 different broadcasts

15 Bars

Like It

Send 500 Likes to broadcasters or guests

30 Bars

Love It 

Share 10 broadcasts with your friends

50 Bars


Guest with others for 10 minutes

50 Bars


Buy your first bar package

50 Bars

Daily Streak

Collect your daily streak bonus 7 days in a row.

100 Bars


Subscribe to a user

100 Bars

Bronze Lifetime Supporter

Send 12,000,000 Likes to broadcasters

4,000 Props

Silver Lifetime Supporter 

Send 20,000,000 Likes to broadcasters

8,000 Props

Gold Lifetime Supporter 

Send 28,000,000 Likes to broadcasters

12,000 Props

Black Diamond Lifetime Supporter

Send 48,000,000 Likes to broadcasters

16,000 Props