Screen Sharing FAQs

What browsers does screensharing work with?

Screenshare is compatible with Google Chrome. Stay posted for when it’ll be optimal on Safari.

How can I also share the audio of whatever content I am screensharing?

Install the YouNow Chrome extension in order to screenshare with audio. Once you’re live, click on the screenshare option just above your video. When you do, a pop up will ask you to add the  YouNow Chrome extension (go into settings, and make sure you’re not blocking popups on YouNow). Add the extension, and broadcast! The whole process should take you just a couple of seconds.

How do I share my phone?

You can only screenshare from the web at the moment.

What type of content can I screenshare?

The screenshare feature allows you to show your audience content from all over the internet and your phone. It offers an easy and creative way to share visual aids, and engage with your audience on topics that you and they care about. Sharing images or videos enhance the experience as both a broadcaster and viewer. Take advantage and get creative while keeping in mind YouNow's Community Rules & Guidelines. 

Can I guest when I screenshare? How?

Yes, screensharing works just like your regular live stream, you can invite guests by dragging them from the chat or audience onto your video. You can start screensharing while you have guests on your stream and you can add guests after you start screensharing.