How Do I Get Featured on YouNow?

There are several ways you can be featured on YouNow. You can access the featured lists by clicking the featured tab on web, and by clicking the search icon on mobile. The lists are currently broken into four categories, which shows the Top Broadcasters, Editor’s Choice, Top Fans and Top Moment Makers. All of these lists update regularly.

The Trending Moments list shows the top moments on YouNow that people have liked. Try capturing a moment to be featured and like your favorite moments to help them trend!

Broadcasters tagged with "Editor's Choice" are handpicked by YouNow editors for the quality of their broadcasts and topic accuracy. Editor's Choice is awarded on a rotating basis and will be refreshed regularly.

The Top Broadcasters list shows broadcasters with the highest amount of likes in a particular broadcast.

The Top Fans list shows fans who have supported broadcasters with the greatest value of gifts in the past 24 hours.

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