What is a subscription?

A subscription is a way to show your support for a favorite broadcaster. For a monthly recurring payment of $4.99, a subscription entitles you to Super Chat privileges and a special badge.

Your subscription includes a Super Gift, 20 onscreen messages, priority chat, subscriber-only chat, and access to the broadcaster’s replays.

During the partner’s broadcast, you will have access to a Super Gift and you can send up to 20 messages per month that will appear onscreen.

Your chat text will be bold and you’ll receive priority when the chat is busy. If the partner activates subscriber-only chat mode, you’ll be able to participate freely.

Every partner with subscriptions enabled has a unique badge for his or her supporters. When you purchase a subscription from a participating partner, your badge will identify you as a subscriber in that partner’s audience list and chat stream. Your profile will contain this badge and the badges of any other partners you support.  

Currently, subscriptions are available for a limited number of partners.

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