What are stickers and bar-based gifts?

On YouNow, we have both stickers and bar-based gifts.

“Stickers” are the icons that you see in the chat. You can send them to broadcasters during their shows. You can buy stickers with coins, and they are a symbol of your dedication and appreciation.

“Bar-based gifts” are purchased using bars. They give the viewer the ability to support broadcasters and become more visible to them. The bar-based gifts you can purchase include:

  • Marriage proposal: No commitments here — just some fan love!
  • 50x thumbs-up: A gift that helps the broadcaster trend.
  • Fan mail: A personalized note that stands out from the chat.
  • 50x thumbs-up on your own broadcast: Buying these helps your broadcast pick up traction.
  • Bars as Tips: Directly support partners.
  • Chat cool-down bypass: Purchase these to bypass a chat freeze on a busy broadcast. 
  • Applause: A gift to show appreciation to the broadcaster's talent.
  • 400x thumbs-up: A gift that helps the broadcaster trend, even more than before.
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