What are levels, and how do I level up?

On YouNow, your level represents your status and experience on the website and app. As your level increases, additional perks and features become available. Level progress is earned by:


- Receiving stickers

- Receiving bar-based gifts

- Receiving likes

- Building an audience

- The more you broadcast, the quicker you progress

Active Viewing:

- Liking

- Chatting

- Giving stickers

- Giving bar-based gifts

- Gaining fans and becoming fans of other users


- Promoting broadcasts on Twitter, Facebook, and pushing broadcasts to your fans

- Inviting Facebook friends or Twitter followers to join YouNow

Integrating Social Networks:

- Connecting your YouTube account

- Connecting your Twitter account

- Connecting your Facebook account

- Connecting your Instagram account

- Connecting your Google+ account

 The higher your level is, the richer your experience will be on YouNow. You will gain access to new stickers and bar-based gifts, and will receive coins each time you level up. Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced broadcaster, there’s always something to be gained from reaching the next level!

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