What is a red crown?

Crown badges recognize the biggest supporters of YouNow broadcasters.

You’ll see the red crown when these users comment in chat and in their profiles. It’s similar to the gold crown, which designates a specific broadcaster’s top fans, but instead indicates the user’s support of broadcasters across the platform. These users make it possible for YouNow’s artists, musicians, and personalities to focus on creating, a gift from which we all benefit. The badge goes a small way toward thanking them.

All of the red crown levels (1 through 5) are awarded based on the number of bar-based gifts you send to broadcasters to show your support. Once you reach the next crown level based on the bar-based gifts you give a broadcaster, you will receive the additional red crown(s) immediately and new perks will be automatically unlocked.

Note that red crowns are different from gold crowns in that they are based on support across the entire YouNow platform, while gold crowns recognize the top fans of a specific broadcaster.

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